Have you


Ever felt that pressure that comes from thinking you are not good enough?

Or wondered how on earth you could overcome your present challenges and start living the life you had always dreamt of and being all you have ever wanted?

If Yes!... then it is high time you started thinking the other way round because it is POSSIBLE to build regardless of where you are today, the challenges you face.

No matter what you are going through, you can still build from there....

I am always excited about meeting new people, most especially hearing about their experiences and how they have been able to overcome life's challenges and most especially finding a way to use their stories as some form of encouragement to someone else out there who is going through a similar challenge. 

How it all began

I am a Sociopreneur, with a passion for motivating others, creativity and digital technology. What I do isn’t just a job, but a way of life. A combination of my skills and mental energy, working together to creating new things. I would rather INVEST my time on something I’m 100% passionate about than follow the crowd. Creativity keeps me sane and in touch with the real me.

Ok! Enough with my ramblings….

Life has taught me to stand and run at the same time…. fighting daily and striving to survive. I learnt to be silent, hiding my pain and shutting myself up into my own world. I learnt to be strong, I learnt to fight and I learnt to build…

While building,

I have learnt to use my EXPERIENCES while telling stories. This is what it means for me to motivate.


Because my experiences serve as a CERTIFICATE that shows that “Yea I’ve been there, done that, felt the pain, I know what you are going through……”

The lessons I’ve learn form the mistakes I’ve made is not just for ME alone…but for others to learn from. Some might hear my story and laugh….others would gossip….but the right person who really needs my message would connect with me…to share their own experiences and bond better.

We all have stories to tell…..the fact that you have survived that trauma is evidence..

So…the question is…What story are you telling? What kind of influence are you to the people around you? Think about it.

Here i share my creative journey…building from nothing to becoming the woman i am supposed to be… sharing my pain and collectively sourcing for innovative ways to change my present to the future i want.

Not an easy task…one would say, but doable, if only you just persist longer.

I am not a coach….*smiles, but i’m open to talking and sharing my personal experiences if they would help you through what ever you are going through. My favorite platforms are

But hey!, you can still find me on and i would totally love to connect with you.

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